I have established Jinke van Dam Consultancy to provide my clients with fact-based strategic advice, project management and research activities in the field of developing sustainable value chains and regions for biomass end-uses, based on sustainable governance including certification or landscape-based approaches. 

What I can do:

  • Provide strategic advice and consulting in complex sustainability and land use challenges for agriculture and forestry and the development of a biobased economy (climate, energy);
  • Conduct comprehensive analysis and fact-based research to truly understand sustainability challenges, and the complex interrelations between the drivers, actors and solutions;
  • Take a leadership role in project management or convening stakeholders in a network;
  • Contribute as expert in Roundtables, workshops or conferences.

Some project references (click for download):

Consulting and strategic advice

I provide international organizations, national governments, companies and Ngo’s with strategic advice on complex sustainability challenges. This is based on a comprehensive, fact-based analysis of the underlying issues, challenges and priorities.

Fact-based research, analysis and knowledge development

I have an impressive track record in research (see scientific publications), working often with large amounts of data, and translating these into key priorities, trends and ‘lessons learnt’. 

Convening and project management

I provide project management activities for larger projects, being well organized and able to convene stakeholders, manage the needs and expectations of a team while keeping the overview and guiding the process to reach results.

Contribute as expert in Roundtables and conferences

I am an invited speaker as expert at Conferences, workshops and Roundtables.