During my working career, I have contributed as (co-) author and editor to many different (scientific) publications and reports. First, as PhD student and senior scientist at Utrecht University, and later, as research consultant.

If not available via Internet, please send me an e-mail for request if you would like to receive a copy of one of them. 

  • Key pointers for an ambitious EU deforestation-free action plan (2019). 

van Dam, J., van den Hombergh, H., Hoefsloot., H. and Jezeer, R. March 2019, Policy Brief. Wageningen, the Netherlands: Tropenbos International and IUCN NL

  • Mainstreaming forests where they matter most. Key pointers for Dutch international policy for forests: A review of related processes and developments. 

van Dam, J. (2019), Tropenbos International: Wageningen, the Netherlands

  • Setting the biodiversity bar for palm oil certification: assessing the rigor of biodiversity and assurance requirements of palm oil standards (2019)

authored by Bas Tinhout and Heleen van den Hombergh, IUCN Netherlands, with benchmark inputs and expert advice from Jinke van Dam Consultancy and Proforest.

  • An analysis of existing laws on forest protection in the main soy producing countries in Latin America (2019)

By Jinke van Dam, Heleen van den Hombergh, Marianne Hilders. An IUCN NL publication. February 2019

  • The charcoal transition: greening the charcoal value chain to mitigate climate change and improve local livelihoods (2017)

By J. van Dam. Rome, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

  • Toward a harmonization of national sustainability requirements and criteria for solid biomass (2017)

Thuy Mai‐Moulin, Simon Armstrong, Jinke van Dam, Martin Junginger, In: BIOFPR, 09 November 2017

  • Legal Harvesting, Sustainable Sourcing and Cascaded Use of Wood for Bioenergy: Their Coverage through Existing Certification Frameworks for Sustainable Forest Management (2014)

Richard Sikkema, Martin Junginger, Jinke van Dam, Andre Faaij et al, September 2014, Forests 5(9):2163-2211, DOI: 10.3390/f5092163

  • EUBIONET III—Solutions to biomass trade and market barriers (2012)

Alakangas, E., Junginger, M., van Dam, J. et al, (2012), EUBIONET III, Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 16(6):4277–4290, DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2012.03.051

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Jinke van Dam and Herman Savenije, may, 2011 Tropenbos International, Wageningen, the Netherlands. xi + 48 pp / CD Annex1. ISBN: 978-90-5113-096-6

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