Economic growth and financial aspects (de-risking)

  • Expert in World Bank project ‘Enhancing Contribution of Forest Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Poverty Reduction, Jobs and Growth’, Client: Palladium, 2017 – 2018
  • Contributing to input for Netherlands to project RISE: Readiness for Investment in Sustainable Energy, Client: World Bank, 2015-2016 and 2017
  • Consultancy work for Roundtable Sustainable Biomaterials: How to introduce RSBP principles in the financial sector, Client: RSB, 2014
  • Consultancy services to “Business to Biodiversity Project” on financing mechanisms to enhance biodiversity in soy producing areas, Utrecht University, 2013
  • Incentives for deployment of biojet fuels: Comparison Certification Systems and benchmark of policy instruments, Client: IATA, 2012
  • Study on economic feasibility of large-scale bioenergy production from soybeans and switchgrass in Argentina (La Pampa province) for the national and international market, Utrecht University, 2008-2009
  • Options of biofuel trade from Western and Eastern European countries: Analysis of five regions with high biomass potentials in Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic including logistical routes and costs, VIEWLS project, Utrecht University, 2003-2004

Information about this working experience is available on request