Socio-economic and environmental impacts and benefits

  • Sustainability impact assessment of feedstock – region combinations in Lebanon, as part of the National Bioenergy Strategy: analysis of potential contribution of various biomass resources per scenario, UNDP, implemented as associate SQ Consult, 2010-2012
  • Program manager for Framework contract on providing technical assistance for bioenergy projects in developing countries on (indirect) impacts, Client: NL Agency, 2011-2012
  • Participation in GLOBAL BIOPACT project as senior researcher Utrecht University in 2010: harmonization of socio-economic sustainability criteria and case studies on socio-economic impacts in various world regions.
  • Supervision on research project on spatial variation of environmental impacts of regional biomass chains in Northern part of the Netherlands, as researcher at Utrecht University (2009-2010)
  • Study on the environmental and socio-economic impacts of large-scale bioenergy production from soybeans and switchgrass in Argentina (La Pampa province), as researcher at Utrecht University (2008-2009)
  • Development of a carbon accounting software tool to compare the GHG benefits and costs of biomass projects and (as reference) fossil-fuel based projects, BIOMITRE project (2003-2004), implemented for IEA Bioenergy task 38, as researcher Utrecht University
  • Short-term consultant Netherlands Dutch Habitat Platform (2001-2002), study on urban green benefits in developing countries: functions and values of urban green and economic valuation methods.

Information about this working experience is available on request